Colin Phillips was the founder and Director of the Medieval Guilds Inc. historical re-enactment society, a grade 1 fencing instructor with the NSW Fencing Association and director of Coffs Harbour Sword Club, academy of fencing. Colin, a qualified coach with the NSW Institute of Sport also runs an after school children's program called the Knight Club. Held 4 days per week, the club teaches kids from 5-14 behavioural ethics such as honour, respect, prowess and team building along with basic foam sword skills and Live Action Role Play (LARP) gaming.

Colin is a registered and approved member of the Martial Arts Industry Australia and specializes in Chanbara (Japanese Swordsmanship) as well as renaissance rapier and medieval longsword technique.

Colin is an experienced public speaker and gifted teacher with over 28 years professional experience, speaking to groups from 2 to 1000 people. He has been the director of a number of small businesses including Westart Graphics, Vision Creations Design and Publishing, Director of the Board for Christian Community Schools Ltd. As well as National Credit Manager for Parker Pens P/L. He is also a marriage celebrant and published author, an accomplished artist and musician and keen motorcycle rider. He has degrees in Theology, Social Science, Commercial Law and ongoing celebrant studies.