Conference Program

Looking for something different for your next conference? We offer an interactive sports/games program as well as demonstration and entertainment components. Our program is flexible and can be presented in a format that best suits you organisation.

Is the pen mightier than the sword? It's time to find out as you exchange your biro for a sword and take on fellow workers, the boss, or the secretary. The Ultimate Sword Experience will challenge your body, your mind and unlock hidden potential known and practiced by our ancestors.

The team building experience is safe, fun and can consolidate your staff to greater confidence, encourage goal achievement, enable them to work as a team, discover potential leadership skills and build stronger relationships. They will also have a greater respect for the company for allowing them to have so much fun on work time.

Each session is tailored to suit the organizations needs whether the time is purely for fun, education or to impart more specific learning goals.

Some of the many things we can help you with on the day include:

  • The history of the sword and its use - displaying authentic weapons
  • The armour and intent of the Crusader Knight. What drove him to be so sacrificial?
  • Modern foil fencing - basic instruction with bouts and tea games such as star wars
  • Are you a Jedi Knight or do you belong to the dark side?
  • Sabre training and competition bouts
  • The Broadsword. Complete basic training on how to fight and defend with a boardsword using safe foam training swords
  • Team building excercises such as Ambassador, Capture the Flag and the Duel develop teamwork, skill and problem solving
  • Try our English long bow for addition competitive archery tourneys

Venue is the Coffs Harbour Showground or we will come to you at a venue you arrange. This is a 1 or 2 hour session dependant on the selected program and we are available most days of the week. We will accomodate groups of any size and fitness level.


  • We can come to you, or make the most of beautiful Coffs Harbour and the Coffs Showground Forest.
  • Price is very affordable and negotiable according to the program you desire.
  • The Sword Experience can be held as a seperate activity as a 2 hour program or run as entertainment during a dining experience.
  • The program can be structured to be held indoors or out, though some activities are only suited to an outdoor venue.


We have our own risk assessment policy and carry public liability insurance. Strict safety requirements are maintained and no sharp weapons are used at any time for combat or training.

Longsword bouts, skirmishes, and training are done with the use of soft foam or latex weapons only whilst fencing is conducted with approved practice foils, mesh fencing masks and body pads.


Be entertained medieval style during your meal or drinks session as you allow us to create medieval mayhem with medieval trivia, short dramas, kidnapping the wench, challenging the would be hero, placing that annoying worker in the stocks, demonstration sword fights, scottish bagpipes, interactive sword challenges using latex weapons, mummers plays and much more.

Contact Colin or Ray on 66514059