Living History Performance - Introduction

A Living History Perfomance from Celtic Thunder...

Westport2A sure fire way for people to remember what you want them to retain is to create solid, unwavering memories. Present your students with a visual, interactive and exciting presentation of life in the medieval and celtic lifestyle in the 10'th and 11'th century Britain. The presentations which vary from a short single period to an all day performance, are adapted according to the request of the school and the age group of the students. Our aim is to generate interest and understanding about a period of world history and culture that many young Australians have as the heritage.



Our presentations vary according to the request of the school and the age of the students, however our basic skeletal presentation is to time travel back to the past and introduce our historical personas suitably attired in accurate period clothing. We then give a description of life in our time (early middle ages period 1066ff) displaying and demonstrating various authentic artefacts, stories and graphic descriptions of events and methods, in the true form of a bard.

Audience involvement is an important part of our presentation as is humour, where we call up students to assist in our demonstrations. Historical accuracy and the avoidance of inappropriate descriptions or details (such as methods of warfare, torture or sexual misconduct) keeps our performance suitably geared to all audiences by being entertaining, educational, fun and exciting.

Mock sword fights enhance our presentation as does the costuming, armour, weapons, crafts, food and music. Folkloric songs along with Scottish bagpipes, professionally played, allow the students to experience the sights and sounds of a foundational culture.

What other curriculum areas does it relate to?

  • Religion (the role of the church in medieval life and the reason for the crusades)
  • Geography (feudalism, housing and farming)
  • History (hierarchy, war and politics)
  • Music (Scottish, Celtic and medieval music and folklore)
  • Art (tapestry, crests, emblazons and coat of arms)
  • Sport (medieval sports and games)
  • Cooking (medieval foods are explained and can be provided)

We can also teach and display the Viking Era as well as Rennaissance (Musketeers).

Proposed Audiences

  • Lower Secondary (7-9)
  • Lower Primary (3-4)
  • Upper Secondary (10-12)
  • Upper Primary (5-6)

Proposed Cost

$8 per student for 2 hour performance (dependant on performance duration requested) Minimum numbers or fee applies

Half Day $10/student or minimum cost of $500 >

Full Day is $12/student - minimum cost is $800

Negotiable? YES!

Please contact us to negotiate a fee for your school.