Medieval and Celtic Times: Topic and Program Suggestions

The following suggested program will give you some idea of what we can offer. Feel free to add, substract, modify or come up with anything else that may be more appropriate.


  • Opening drama of Templar Knight doing battle with Scottish Highlander. Introduction and setting the scene
  • Medieval Living: Clothing styles of the middle ages - dressing up student volunteers in accurate period costume. Drama in the town square using students in costume. Defending their honour - student rubber sword battle. The Scots and Celts: what they wore and how they lived, including Scottish Highlnder Great Kilt. Creating an army - handing out nearly 100 medieval weapons.
  • The church: The importance of the church in medieval life (one student will be dressed up as a monk)
  • templarattackThe Barons and Knights: how they lived, codes of chivalry, what they wore
  • Weapons and Armour of a Crusader Knight and Scottish Highlander
  • The Plague doctors Witch trials
  • The Crusades
  • The warrior Knight: Fighting styles of the Norman knight and Scottish warrior
  • Combat demonstration (some student involvement)
  • The English Longbow with demonstration including shooting an English knight. The plague doctors with student involvement Medieval housing and lifestyle Music of the Middle ages including the bagpipes Final salute and farewell (pipes)


You might like to consider your school providing a simple medieval morning tea and lunch (we can suggest a menu.) If the students could come in a basic costume that they have researched it would enhance the atmosphere of the day. Please be aware a hall or large indoor facility needs to be available or at least a large covered area

Additional Curriculum Topics

We are aware that some schools also offer teaching on the Vikings and Renaissance era. We also offer performances of both of these topics with accurate historical costume and artifacts covering topics as lifestyle, politics, crime and punishment, fighting styles, the church, religious belief, mythology, conquests etc.