The Knight Club

Safe, fun, kids after school games and adventure club for ages 5-14.

fbMore than just a sword class (using latex rubber swords only), Knight Club is a complete educational program. The Knight Club is an interactive way of teaching history and developing new skills with your aspiring hero. Build co-ordination, confidence and teamwork skills through entertaining lessons and rubber sword play fantasy games commonly known and hugely popular world wide as LARP (Live Action Role Play)

The Knight Club is an experience for kids 7-14 that provide a viable sport and exercise program, especially for those children who have not embraced traditional Australian sports such as football or cricket. This club is registered and the instructor is qualified with both the Australian Institute of Sport, the NSW Fencing Association and the Martial Arts Industry Australia. (3693446)


We teach:

    • Correct historical skill at arms sword techniques
    • Medieval Knight Codes of Chivalry: (respect, courtesy, largesss etc)
    • Teamwork and co-ordination skills
    • Discipline
    • Honour: (We teach foam sword play as a fun sport emphasising the gaming aspects. Aggressive behaviour and violent actions are not tolerated.)
    • centre.
    • Students are encouraged to purchase their own rubber swords and may do so through the club at wholesale prices.


KnightQuest1Get your kids away from the computer and interacting with others in their gaming! Fantasy and other combat games are today played sitting behind a computer. This club takes the love of strategic gameplay out from behind the computer screen and onto the playing field, building social skills, excercise and interactive gameplay.

Note: Only soft foam weapons are used in children s classes)

Mondays only at Coffs Harbour Showground from 4-5PM during school terms. Cost: $10