The Ultimate Sword Experience

DSC 0013smEver dreamt of being a warrior? Or perhaps Zorro, a musketeer or a medieval knight? Your sword fighting experience will off you opportunities you will not find anywhere else.

A 2 hour session includes historical facts and fascinating points of interest regarding the history of the sword. You will also get to see, feel and handle a variety of historically accurate real swords, such as the Roman gladius, Norman single handed and bastard swords, the scottish claymore, spanish rapier and modern day fencing swords. You will receive some basic sword instruction from a qualified and experienced instructor using approved protective masks and body armour. Bring your camera as you get to try on the armour of an 11th century English crusader knight or dress as a viking.

We use only authentic swords and armour. Approved safety gear is provided and correct historical styles of sword technique are demonstrated. Also try out our english long bows and test your skills with some target archery. All activities are tailored to suit the age, fitness and interest of those attending.

Our venue is the Coffs Harbour Showground in the centre of town. Bookings are essential as the sessions are held by arrangement for a minimum of 2 people.

Cost is $45 per head with family or larger group discounts available. Limited pick up available on request.

Phone contact for bookings and enquiries: Coffs Harbour NSW Australia 0417275011